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October 24, 2009  

an Ezine for Advertisers

    Issue   614  

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  In this Issue
    • Avoid FTC Fines.. Countdown to Dec 1
    • Big Boy Marketing Step 3 - Personalize Your Pages
    • KEWL Marketing TIPs and Tools 

    • Geo-Targeting
    • Your FREE Classifieds.......... NEW Ad Code

    • Services

From the Editor

RUMBLES from the Jungle,  an ongoing Safari in the ever changing Jungle of Online
Marketing... An Ezine for Advertisers, providing useful information about online
marketing and advertising. We help you save time and money, by sharing ways to
improve your online advertising results.

A heartfelt Thank -You to all who walked or contributed to our fund-raising efforts for the Alzheimers Association.  We had 34 walkers, 
a beautiful day, a wonderful time and raised over 1300.00.

What is Alzheimers.. Interactive Tour


Feature Article..

Avoid FTC Fines.. the Count Down to DEC 1
Rhonda Hailey

We have till December 1, 2009 to make sure our pages and advertising messages
meet the new FTC guidelines.

If you missed my article, about how the pendulum swings in the internet
marketing industry, just as it does in others.. Catch up

First off.. you may want to read the new guidelines for yourself at the FTC site 
re: Endorsements and Testimonials

Basically, you are probably better off just not using testimonials..  But if you do,
you have to declare that any positive results of using
your product/ service, is not
typical for the average client/ consumer.

Which is probably true..  when you take into consideration, that the average client
never uses or applies the product or material as intended
or instructed. So, naturally..
average results are less than desired.

We started working on this list last week..  Refer back if you need to catch up.  
Today we are talking about step 2
and 3.

Checking off your to-do list
Start checking it off
and get it done by Dec 1.

3. Personalize Your Pages

Big Boy Marketing

Big Boy Marketing, Step 3 -  Personalize Your Pages
Rhonda Hailey

If you missed the introduction of Big Boy Marketing, you can read it here.

Assuming you are clear on your goals and ready to share YOU with the world.. let's
move on to step 3, personalizing your pages.

 Now, we've become spoiled over the last few years. Rarely is a new program or
affiliate program launched; that it doesn't include nice replicated websites/ pages,
for you to promote it with.  

With the recent changes at Google ( the others will follow suit ), duplicate content,
and affiliate pages are going to hurt your ranking, and chances of being found on the
search engines. It will be imperative for you to develop your own USP and your
own pages.  The easiest place to start is of course is with a blog.  But you can also
create simple splash and landing pages for any and all programs you promote, and
customize them with YOUR brand.

The mere mention of "html" will scare plenty of folks off.  Frankly.. it just isn't hard
enough to learn how to use a wysiwyg type html editor, to prevent you from marketing
effectively online.  Now you may have a hefty budget for outsourcing making it a non-
issue. But for for most of us getting started, funds are limited. So if you didn't start your
quest with a pocket full; and you aren't willing to learn some basic editing..  then you
simply aren't serious about pursuing your business online.

When I started marketing online.. I had an old PC, and a dial up connection. I started
playing with Microsoft's Front Page Editor; and taught myself how to build simple
web pages.  I'm sure you can tell that.. :)  But, my goal isn't to be the greatest website
designer online.  And the time invested in learning a few simple skills have paid off.  

One thing you will need when making simple web pages of your own, is a web page editor.

While you can do it in Microsoft Word, Wordpad and or a text editor, you may find it
easier to start out with the free program called Kompozer.

The User Interface makes it pretty easy to use, and there are tutorials online.  It isn't perfect. 
Using it on a mac; I often have to close it completely and reopen it; before I can start working
on another page.  But it is free... 

One way you will use Kompozer in a very simple fashion is to change the name on sales
pages so that YOUR name appears on them. You can do other simple tasks like changing
the price, adding a form code from your autoresponder so you can capture folks information
such as their name and email, and more.

These are all basic functions that are simple to do, and you should make sure you learn
to do them as you progress.  You can download this freebie at and start editing
and creating your own pages!

Submit any questions or comments here:

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